Wednesday, May 12

Hey yo peeps!
Omg, I am back! Hahahahahaha. :)
Finally updating my blog after so god damn long. (Pestered by Huixian to update)

Well, exams are finally OVER, let's celebrate! :)
Actually the exams were alright. Ahem.
Most of my papers are gone especially Geog I think, sigh. I didn't really study for this time midyear.
Had very last minute study almost every night and suffering from lack of sleep.
Just had MT listening compre this morning, this interrupted my sleeptime.
Anyways, it's over, let's not talk about it~ :D

Many many manyyyyyy events happened.
E.g. Studying with Huixian, Tianen, Azimah before the exams. (Yea I can't rmb what other events happened)

Had celebration with them after Amaths paper!
Watch IP Man 2, it's freaking nice, you all should go and watch. :)
Watched Iron Man 2 in the afternoon too.
Don't find it that interesting ley.
Or maybe because I wasn't concentrating on the show. Hahahah.

Went Jurong Point to watch Backup Plan with Huixian and Tianen yesterday too.
It's also very nice. (Y)
Go watch yo !

I think it's time for me to take more pictures to update my FB and blog~ Hahahah.
Time to tuition, byebye :)

Tuesday, April 27


Hehehe. Lots of ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.

I promise I will post a PROPER UPDATE after Mid year exams alright? :D
If I don't, you all can pester me to do so :D
So I shall reply all your tags after MYE k? :)
Hmm. Mid year is just too fast. It doesn't feel like midyear exams kind-of-mood. Don't you guys agree? :o
It seems like Common Test 1 had just happened 2 weeks ago. And yet, WE JUST SAT FOR OUR MIDYEAR ENGLISH PAPER TODAY!
(The paper totally sucked, but yay, at least one paper is down-ed.)
Do you guys have any sense of urgency? I don't.

Hehe, anyways, jiayous and goodluck for Midyear exams! ♥
I will be back after MYE. Miss me people :)

P.S. I am more active in Facebook and Twitter. :)

Wednesday, March 17

Heyyo .
Here to update a few stuffs,

I've updated my blog,
got cursor, new music and background :) HEHE .

Sighs, just now collecting clothes, then you know what?
I got cut by a HANGER accidentally. Wow, best. LOL.

Hope it doesn't leave a scar there -.-

MMS-ing with Randy QAD now, we damn crap loh -.-
Shall upload the pictures next time. Stay tuned! HAHA .

Shinying: Thanks for tagging! ^-^

Najihah: Ya I had icecream, but not treated by you, so not counted, hahah. :) No I'm not a stalker.

Joyce: Ya la! Kns so irritating can. LOL! Somemore so ugly -.- it LOOKS like but it's not :x


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